Door-to-door services:
- It includes a wide range of services from the packing and collection of the move in one residence to the delivery of it in another one, in another country. The whole service is covered by a partnership as services will have to be handled in two distinct countries.

- Customs clearance: As for any customs procedures, documents will be requested and necessary. They are essential as they will be used to register the import/export process, but not only. After the registration, they will be evaluated more carefully by the customs officer in charge. Lacking adequate documentation will create delays. Documental matters must be addressed properly from the beginning. *Non-brazilian citizens must bear in mind with the fact that some visas do not allow the import of unacommpanied luggage/move.
We are able to customs clear shipments in several ports, airports and land borders (in southern) of the country.

- Packing: An international move differs greatly from a local move, not only due to customs requirements, but also in terms of packaging materials and the act of packing itself. For exports, the transit time between the collection and the delivery is also larger, especially when the move is being shipped by sea, and for this reason, the packaging materials must be more resilient and resistent, for instance. The boxes are made under standard dimensions in order to fit best in the most diverse recipients of transport (container, etc). That allows our crew to use the available space the best way possible. In order to avoid problems with humidity, silica sachets are added to all the boxes and packages as well as to the container.

Special services:

Lifting of items through window or balcony - Many times, people who live in apartments or houses, with more than one floor, have furniture or house appliances that are either too large or heavy to fit the internal lift, the stairs or even the door. In case these furniture cannot be disassembled either, we will then need to lift them externally through a balcony or a window with our electric winch. The furniture will be packed properly and, for most cases, it will also be put inside a wooden cover so to avoid any possible damage to it. Once the packing is ready, the items are ready to be easily transported, either downwards or upwards. This service is mostly offered in Curitiba, but we often perform such service in other cities, especially capitals.

Grand piano: - We do not usually perform the above mentioned service (lifting through window or balcony) for grand pianos, given how heavy, fragile and large such a musical instrument is. For those cases, we prefer to hire professionals which exclusively take care of this particular kind of transport.