- Below we point out some simple tips, which might, in a very effective way, make your move easier and smoother:

- Make sure to contact us with good advance. We usually recommend about 06 weeks before the day you plan to have your belongings packed and collected. That will give us time to prepare our rate, inform about the document requirements, explain about the other procedures and evaluate all involved in your international move.

- In order to customs clear a shipment, documents will be necessary, for both countries, the one you are exporting from and the one you are importing into. Each country has its own regulations, which will be informed during the beginning of the negotiation. We are unable to customs clear any shipments without proper documentation.

- In case of living in a condominium or apartment, the doorman or the manager must be advised of the packing, collection or delivery date with advance. They usually require a date to be booked in order to authorize it. It is also important to bear in mind with the fact that condominiums might have strict time allowance for the performance of this sort of service, which might make it necessary more than one day to conclude the services.

- It might be especially difficult to park or drive around central areas of big cities. Most of them have several restrictions for trucks, particularly for larger ones. The delivery or collection address must be informed to us with advance, ideally five days, so we can evaluate possible restrictions and make sure to arrange or prepare whatever is required to proceed in the smoothiest way possible. For instance, some areas require a special permit and some require the use of an additional vehicle. In case it is possible to reserve a parking sport, that can be very helpful.

- During the delivery, packing or collection of the move, our crew will be moving around the residence during the whole time, sometimes carrying boxes or packages. In case of having pets or children, it is important to keep them attended at all times and also maintain them in a dorm or room where our crew is not yet working in.

- A survey in the residence prior to the move might be very helpful and interesting, as we can then measure more precisely the belongings that are to be exported, evaluate the best way of transporting them as well as possible particularities and requirements of the move. We are not able to provide surveys in all locations. In those cases, a list of items can help us very much when sizing the move.
Example of list:
- 03 seat-sofa;
- Table
- 04 chairs;
- 42" TV;