how to ship?

20 feet container: It is currently the smallest container available for international transport from and to Brazil. Its volumetric capacity is of about 33 cubic meters, which, generally, equals to the totality of belongings within a 03-dorm apartment.
You believe your move is smaller than that? Check below.

40 feet container: Its dimensions are the same as the 20 feet container, with the exception of the lenght, which is doubled. Instead of 20 feet (06 meters)lenght, the 40 feet container has 40 feet lenght(12 meters), which grants it about 66 cubic meters of volumetric capacity. In more practical terms, that, generally, corresponds to the totality of belongings within a 05-dorm house.

40 HC(High Cube) container: Its dimensions are the ones as of the 40 feet container, but its height is a bit larger, which has granted it the capacity of carrying about 10 cubic meters more than the ordinary 40 feet container. That makes it about 76 cubic meters.

But my move does not require a 20 feet container, how to proceed?

For intercontinental transports, we have two more ways of shipping, which are explained below:

LCL (less than container load): That is usually a good option when the move does not go over 40% of the capacity of a 20 feet container (more or less 12 cubic meters). It is transported by sea and, for that, we prepare wooden crates and pallets to make sure the shipment is transported safely.

Airvans: The same as for the LCL, but transported by air. It usually takes less time to get to the destination, and for this case the external packing might be be made with a layer of highly resistent cardboard prepared especifically for this sort of wrapping.